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  • Boston Eye Surgery





I.  Disclosure of Ownership

Boston Eye Surgery & Laser Center (the Center) is a for-profit ambulatory surgery center owned by physicians.  The physicians listed below have a partial ownership interest in the Center:


Robert L. Amrhein, MD

Ann M. Bajart, MD

Laura C. Fine, MD

Nicoletta Fynn-Thompson, MD

Mark P. Hatton, MD

Jeffrey S. Heier, MD

James W. Hung, MD

Mami A. Iwamoto, MD

Stephen B. Jamison, MD

Kenneth R. Kenyon, MD

Michael G. Morley, MD

Michael F. Oats, MD

Michael B. Raizman, MD

Peter A. Rapoza, MD

Claudia U. Richter, MD

Bradford J. Shingleton, MD

Trexler M. Topping, MD


II. Patient Rights

  • You have the right to personal privacy, receive care in a safe setting, and be free from all forms of abuse and harassment.  You have the right to be treated with respect, consideration and dignity and be free from any act of discrimination or reprisal.
  • You have the right to considerate and respectful care without regard to race, sex, culture, economic, educational or religious background, or any other legally protected status. You have the right to receive respect for your cultural and spiritual beliefs.
  • You have the right to know the name and specialty of the physician responsible for your care.
  • You have the right to make informed decisions about your care.  To that end, you have the right to obtain from your physician complete, current information concerning your health status, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis in terms you can be reasonably expected to understand to assure that you can effectively exercise your right to make informed decisions about your care. When it is not medically advisable to give such information to you, the information will be made available to an appropriate person on your behalf. You have the right to designate a person to receive such information.